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Advertising in South African Resources Review will put your message in front of key decision-makers in the mining, oil and gas and energy sectors South Africa wide.


The South African Resources Review is a quality magazine with a focus on the mining industry while giving a brief insight into other resources sectors as well, offering in-depth stories from South Africa and other Countries.
The exclusivity of the publication lays in the content which includes prominent national and international industry news, government policies, topical features, projects in progress, company overviews and recent accomplishments in the industry.
The unique coverage makes South African Resources Review a vital source of information for current topics on sustainability issues and solutions, the value of safety and health, innovative energy sources, industry skills and education, investors’ outlines and profiles of
up and coming as well as major players in the resources industry.
Using a controlled circulation strategy based on a database that is continually researched and refined, with a print run of 4,500 copies bi-monthly (every two months) are distributed directly to the offices of senior managers, executives and key decision-makers in the mining and other resources sectors including industry associations, industry analysts, stockbrokers and
investors. The publication also reaches all the major South African mine sites.


For advertisers seeking to reach and influence purchasing decisions and drive sales South African Resources Review is an essential part of the media mix. The combination of concise, authoritative editorial and precisely targeted, quality readership is a proven formula for successful advertising results.


Published quarterly on the website as well as directly delivered to a database of more than 12,780+ subscribers, South African Resources Review offers readers and clients a range of options using the magazine and website exclusively or in combination.

South African Resources Review’s online offerings are not just visible but viable. We won’t bury your message in a jigsaw of elements, focusing instead on three key placement options to unlock universal exposure for your business. We provide affordable packages combining the website, newsletter and email direct marketing (EDM) to meet both strategic and tactical objectives